TTulpe instantaneous water heaters for domestic and Leisure.

Now available!

The TTulpe® Outdoor HD-6 Portable Tankless Water Heater is the European original  portable water heater. You get instant, endless hot water wherever you are! The TTulpe® Outdoor HD-6 portable tankless water heater is perfect for campsites, cabins or simply around the house. Wash your car, wash your boat, take a hot shower, wash the dogs or the horse. You can add the TTulpe® Outdoor HD-6 portable water heater to a pressure washer for an even better cleaning! The ignition is with 2 "D" cell batteries so it makes it great for off grid or other areas where electricity is not readily available.

The ideal operating range for the TTulpe® Outdoor HD-6 portable tankless water heater is between 1 to 6 bar (water pressure). The system also works great on modified water systems such as a 12 / 24 volt pump. Total dimensions are: 37x30x12 cm. and weighs 7 KG.

The TTulpe® Outdoor HD-6 will offer a 20 to 25 degree C rise at 6 litres per minute.

TTulpe® Outdoor HD-6 portable water heater benefits:

2 year manufacturer warranty on the unit

12 KW


Includes CE regulator for use with standard 5, 10 or 13 KG grill propane tank

Battery igniter means no electricity needed

On/Off shower head included

Garden hose adapters included

Manual water temperature controls

6 LPM flow capacity

Rated voltage: 3V (D Cell Batteries, included)

Rated gas pressure: 30, 37 or 50 mbar (differs per European country)

Rated heat input: 12 kw

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